Anciano coronado de hojasAlborada - Rara

Imágen carta

Leaf-Crowned Elder

Coste: 2GG 4
Tipo: Criatura Chamán Pueblo-arbóreo Fuerza3Resistencia5
Hermandad — Al comienzo de tu mantenimiento, puedes mirar la primera carta de tu biblioteca. Si comparte un tipo de criatura con el Anciano coronado de hojas, puedes mostrarla. Si lo haces, puedes jugar esa carta sin pagar su coste de maná.
Permitida en Commander
Permitida en Legacy
Permitida en Modern
Permitida en Vintage

4/1/2008: Kinship is an ability word that indicates a group of similar triggered abilities that appear on _Morningtide_ creatures. It doesn't have any special rules associated with it.
4/1/2008: The first two sentences of every kinship ability are the same (except for the creature's name). Only the last sentence varies from one kinship ability to the next.
4/1/2008: You don't have to reveal the top card of your library, even if it shares a creature type with the creature that has the kinship ability.
4/1/2008: After the kinship ability finishes resolving, the card you looked at remains on top of your library.
4/1/2008: If you have multiple creatures with kinship abilities, each triggers and resolves separately. You'll look at the same card for each one, unless you have some method of shuffling your library or moving that card to a different zone.
4/1/2008: If the top card of your library is already revealed (due to Magus of the Future, for example), you still have the option to reveal it or not as part of a kinship ability's effect.
4/1/2008: You play the revealed card as part of the resolution of this ability. It's played from your library, not your hand. You choose modes, pay additional costs, choose targets, etc. for the card as normal when playing it. Any X in the mana cost will be 0. Alternative costs can't be paid.
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