Ángel de platinoConspiracy: Take the Crown - Mítica

Imágen carta

Platinum Angel

Coste: 7 7
Tipo: Artefacto Criatura Ángel Fuerza4Resistencia4

Tú no puedes perder el juego y tus oponentes no pueden ganar el juego.

She is the apex of the artificer's craft, the spirit of the divine called out of base metal.

Permitida en Commander
Permitida en Legacy
Permitida en Modern
Permitida en Vintage

12/1/2004: Effects that say the game is a draw, such as the _Legends_(TM) card Divine Intervention, are not affected byPlatinum Angel. They'll still work.
12/1/2004: You can concede a game whilePlatinum Angelon the battlefield. A concession causes you to leave the game, which then causes you to lose the game (Once you concede, you no longer control aPlatinum Angel, so its ability can't prevent you from losing the game).
10/1/2009: No game effect can cause you to lose the game or cause any opponent to win the game while you controlPlatinum Angel. It doesn't matter whether you have 0 or less life, you're forced to draw a card while your library is empty, you have ten or more poison counters, you're dealt combat damage by Phage the Untouchable, your opponent has Mortal Combat with twenty or more creature cards in his or her graveyard, or so on. You keep playing.
10/1/2009: Other circumstances can still cause you to lose the game, however. You will lose a game if you concede, if you're penalized with a Game Loss or a Match Loss during a sanctioned tournament due to a DCI rules infraction, or if your _Magic Online_(R) game clock runs out of time.
10/1/2009: If you controlPlatinum Angelin a Two-Headed Giant game, your team can't lose the game and the opposing team can't win the game.
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