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Imágen carta


Tipo: Tierra
3, T: Gira la criatura objetivo que controlas y la criatura objetivo que controla un oponente de su elección. Cada una de esas criaturas hace daño igual a su fuerza a la otra.
Permitida en Commander
Permitida en Legacy
Permitida en Modern
Permitida en Vintage

10/4/2004: The power of the creatures when the effect resolves is used to determine how much damage is done.
10/4/2004: In multiplayer games, you can choose a different opposing player each time it the ability is activated.
10/4/2004: Either or both creatures can be tapped prior to using the ability and it still works.
9/25/2006: If either target is illegal at the time the ability resolves (whether because it has left the battlefield, because it has gained Shroud or Protection, or for any other reason), the ability taps the remaining target, but no damage is dealt. If both targets are illegal, the ability is countered.
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