Aldea fortificadaSombras sobre Innistrad - Rara

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Fortified Village

Tipo: Tierra
En cuanto la Aldea fortificada entre al campo de batalla, puedes mostrar una carta de bosque o llanura de tu mano. Si no lo haces, la Aldea fortificada entra al campo de batalla girada.

T: Agrega G o W a tu reserva de maná.
Permitida en Legacy
Permitida en Vintage

4/8/2016: You may reveal any land card with either or both of the appropriate subtypes. It doesn’t have to be a basic land. For example, you could reveal Prairie Stream from the Battle for Zendikar set to satisfy the ability ofFortified Village.
4/8/2016: Lands don’t have a subtype just because they can produce mana of the corresponding color.Fortified Villageitself is neither a Forest nor a Plains, even though it produces green and white mana, so you can’t reveal one to satisfy the ability of another.
4/8/2016: If a Forest or Plains is entering the battlefield from your hand at the same time asFortified Village, you may reveal the other land to haveFortified Villageenter untapped.
4/8/2016: If an effect instructs you to putFortified Villageonto the battlefield tapped, it will still enter the battlefield tapped even if you reveal a land card from your hand.
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